Keep Your Camera on Lockdown With These Easy and Affordable Webcam Covers

Webcam cover next to credit card
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Thanks to all of the apps installed on our devices, corporations can track our location, purchase behavior and online activity 24/7/365. That’s just the way it is. But if you’re worried about tracking, don’t forget about the hardware inside your devices.

Many consumers are increasingly worried that their phone and computer webcams are too easy to exploit. Hackers have been known to infiltrate people’s devices through a myriad of phishing schemes (the most common of which is by targeting your network via a seemingly harmless email), which they can then use to gain remote access to your camera. Perhaps even scarier, some web cameras can be turned on without the user ever knowing. You know that little light that comes on when you’re laptop camera is in use? Yeah, that can be deactivated.

Fortunately, there’s an easy fix to this terrifying problem: simply cover your camera. The best webcam covers are incredibly small, insanely thin and work 100% of the time (as long as you actually use them). Best of all, they only cost a few dollars and can be applied and removed in seconds.

And, lest you think we’re being paranoid, The New York Times has reported that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg covers his own webcam. You might not be a high-value target of corporate espionage, but for just $7 you can protect your devices, too

Whether you’re a Mac owner, a PC user or are simply looking for a webcam cover for your phone, we’ve got you (and your webcam) covered. Check out the best webcam covers below.


1. Cimkiz Wb01+Wb02 Webcam Cover


When it comes to a reliable webcam cover, the simplest designs are often the best. These Cimkiz covers feature an uber-thin build (only .027 inches) so that you’re able to close your laptop or tablet with ease. Unlike other brands, these also feature a durable steel design with a magnetic slider to help ensure your webcam stays private until you decide to turn it on. While they’re able to cover most smartphones and tablets, these are primarily designed for laptop use. They also come with a handy cleaning cloth to make sure they’re applied properly.

Cimkiz Wb01+Wb02 Webcam Cover Courtesy of Amazon


2. BLOCKED Webcam/Camera Vinyl Covers


Packed with a total of 57 reusable webcam stickers, BLOCKED offers the perfect solution for any phone. With three different sizes to choose from, they’re a great option for phones, tablets, gaming consoles and every other device with a camera. The sticky adhesive is designed to be applied easily without damaging or scuffing your camera lens, and the super-thin design lets them help keep your cameras secure without ever getting in the way.

BLOCKED Webcam/Camera Vinyl Covers Courtesy of Amazon


3. Webcam Cover Slide Blocker for Laptop Computer


Simple, cheap and extremely effective, this 12-pack features smart, curved edges to help adhere to your laptop’s or PC’s camera without ever getting in the way. The simple slide cover blocker lets you choose when you want your camera to be visible, and the extra durable adhesive accompanying each individual camera helps ensure a longer-lasting cover. Best of all, if one falls off, you have a whole 11 others to choose from.

Webcam Cover Slide Blocker for Laptop Computer Courtesy of Amazon


4. Dcreate Laptop Webcam Cover Slide


While almost every webcam cover on this list features a sliding mechanism, this one takes it a step further. The Dcreate cover is a bit longer than traditional webcam covers yet it still maintains a similar style. At only 0.035 inches thick, it’s easily one of the thinnest webcam covers around. That’s because it utilizes a slightly longer sliding mechanism to help keep your camera secure without getting in the way of your usual laptop functions.

Webcam Cover Slide Blocker for Laptop Computer Courtesy of Amazon


5. Animal Camera Dots Webcam Covers


You know you can’t hate on these animal webcam dots — they’re way too cute. Style your laptop by adding your favorite animal to the mix. From rabbits to lions to koala bears and lemurs, your webcam covering doesn’t have to be a boring black box. And all these stickers for just under $6? That’s a price you can’t beat.

Animal Camera Dots Webcam Covers Courtesy of Etsy


6. SpiShutter Slim Cover


Unlike other webcam covers, which are applied with a sticky adhesive, this SpiShutter Slim cover encases the entire top portion of your Mac, providing superior protection without leaving you worrying about any potential leftover residue. The magnetic metal strip is designed to perfectly enclose your webcam, which means there’s no added devices or materials to interfere with how your Mac opens and closes.

SpiShutter Slim Cover Courtesy of Amazon


7. Funsylab Pacman Webcam Cover


Gamers will love this old school Pacman webcam cover for the sheer fact that it spices up your laptop with a little bit of an old school aesthetic. The fun “Game Over” title is a silly innuendo to anyone trying to hack your privacy because with this thing, they’ll no longer be able to. Hope you had fun while it lasted, creep!

Funsylab Pacman Webcam Cover Courtesy of Etsy


8. Elimoons Webcam Cover Slide


At under $6, it’s hard to go wrong with this Elimoons three-pack. These classic webcam covers feature a simple curved design to help prevent excess space, and the quality plastic designed coupled with the non-abrasive sticker adhesive is sure to keep your camera covered without leaving behind any unwanted residue — or worse, scuffs and scratch marks. Measuring barely 0.022 inches thick, they’re some of the thinnest webcam covers around. They’re also some of the cheapest.

Elimoons Webcam Cover Slide Courtesy of Amazon


9. Bungajungle Wood Webcam Cover


A wood webcam cover might seem a bit odd, but we have to say, we love the rustic look that this webcam cover brings to your desktop computer. It fits super well on both Macs and PCs, which is pretty unique especially considering its made from wood. it also looks and fits great on most tablets and some smartphones, depending on their size. This webcam cover will allow you to bring a tad of nature into your technological world with ease.

Bungajungle Wood Webcam Cover Courtesy of Etsy


10. C-Slide Webcam Cover 6 Pack


While most people tend to shop for laptop covers that blend in with their devices, these C-Slide covers offer a little more bling. Available in a rainbow for those who want to show their pride or love for every color under the sun, they’re designed to offer a super secure fit for most laptops and tablets. And while they stand out, they never get in the way. Each cover comes in two parts: a sliding part and an adhesive. Simply remove the adhesive cover, position over your webcam and press them over your laptop camera or webcam for an instant privacy boost.

C-Slide Webcam Cover 6 Pack Courtesy of Amazon


11. Eye Webcam Cover Slider


They may not be as sleek as previous covers, but they’re still some of the best webcam covers for sale right now. Made with the classic sliding design and finished with a cute set of cartoon peepers, these Eye Covers are sure to garner a few looks. Measuring roughly .07 inches thick, they’re perfectly designed to never interfere with your laptop. They also come in packs of three, so you can keep one (or two) for yourself and give another to a friend.

Eye Webcam Cover Slider Courtesy of Amazon


12. Anti-Spy Webcam Cover


If rainbow isn’t really your jam but you still want to spice up your webcam cover with a pop of color, look no further than Anti-Spy Guru’s pink as-can-be webcam covers for maximum privacy. They’re thinly designed to create a quick slip-on and provide no scratching and fit directly over most laptops, smartphones, desktop computers and tablets. It’s quite a small cover which is nice because it won’t feel like there is a big bulky contraption at the top of your computer or phone.

Anti-Spy Webcam Cover Courtesy of Anti-Spy Guru


13. imluckies Webcam Covers


This $7 product comes with two sliding webcam covers. Designed to fit most devices including iPhones, laptops, tablets and desktop computers, these super-thin covers are thinner than a credit card, so they won’t interfere with your devices in any way. Like all of the best webcam covers, they’re easy to install and operate.

imluckies Webcam Covers Courtesy of Amazon