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Daily Deal: These Best-Selling Wireless Headphones Are On Clearance For Just $28

* Normally $90, these headphones are on clearance for just $28
* Ideal for flights or long Netflix binges
* Wireless technology and over-the-ear fit provide top-notch comfort

Wireless headphones have finally become the norm, but they still cost a pretty penny. However, once in a while you can score a premium set of wireless cans for a great price, like these sleek Insignias.

The headphones normally retail for $90, but today Best Buy has them on clearance for just $28. We’re excited about this deal because wireless over-the-ear headphones typically set you back $100 to $300, so less than $30 for a good pair is a steal.

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Image courtesy of Best Buy[/caption]

Any audiophile will agree: over-the-ear headphones sound better. Personally, I love my AirPods to death, but I also use my Bose wireless over-the-ear headphones whenever I can. The over-the-ear fit allows for much better sound quality, and it’s also way more comfortable.

For just $28, these Insignia’s make a great addition to any headphone collection. They feature a super comfortable cushioned fit, as well as 8 hours of battery life for flights or long Netflix binges. They also include a unique wireless charging dock that eliminates tangled, easy-to-lose charger cables.

Plus, these headphones boast over 2,000 reviews and 4 stars on Best Buy. Most users were thoroughly impressed by the sound quality (especially considering the price), and the headphones’ ease of use.