The Best Workout Headphones to Help Push You to the Limit

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For many, music is a must-have when you’re working out. You need that little extra something to push you over your limits, whether it’s good bass or a chorus from your favorite artist. No matter what it is, music is a great way to bring out your best in a workout — and the last thing you need is a set of headphones that can’t keep up with your pace.

Workout headphones have been around forever, sure. But the newest generation is full of smart features to keep you moving right along through your workout. Things like water and sweat resistance, noise-canceling capabilities, comfortable fits and wireless connections allow you to just focus on that next rep, the next mile or next personal record.

No matter your exercise, you’ll want to be sure to do it with one of these 10 sets of headphones alongside you — our picks, below.


1. Jabra Elite Active 75t Workout Headphones


Both sweat-proof and waterproof, Jabra’s Elite Active 75t workout headphones are the workout buddy you never knew you needed. Active noise cancelation helps to cut out distractions and lets you hone in on what really matters during your workout: whatever audio it is you need to push you one step further. Jabra scanned thousands of different ear shapes to ensure the buds would safely and securely nestle in your ear, even during the most intense physical activity. Plus, with an active use time of a little over five hours, you can move through plenty of workouts without worrying about your tunes ever dropping out. If you want the best of the best, look no further.

Jabra Elite Active 75t Workout Headphones Amazon

Jabra Elite Active 75t Workout Headphones



2. Bose Sport Workout Headphones


There are few things worse than when you’re working out and have to constantly fiddle with your earbuds to get them to fit right. With Bose’s Sport workout headphones, you won’t need to worry, as the set is easily the most comfortable pair of earbuds around thanks to their included set of ear tips to help you better dial-in the fit you want. With other great features like sweat and water-proofing, they’ll ward off any moisture that builds up while you get after it.

Bose Sport Workout Headphones Amazon

Bose Sport Workout Headphones



3. Apple AirPods Pro Workout Headphones


Listen, there’s a benefit to keeping all of your devices in the Apple family: it all just works. So if you’re an iPhone user looking to find the best headphones, you certainly won’t be able to beat the ease of use of the AirPods Pro. With active noise cancellation for the best listening experience, quick charging, adaptive EQ and sweat/water resistance, Apple users will breeze through the setup. They can move right to working out with no issue.

Apple AirPods Pro Amazon

Apple AirPods Pro Workout Headphones

$197.00 $249.00 21% OFF


4. Jaybird RUN XT Workout Headphones


The intensity that often comes with high-intensity running deserves a pair of headphones that can handle the punishment. That’s where Jaybird’s RUN XT workout headphones are helpful. Designed with a double hydrophobic nano-coating for extra added protection against rain and sweat, these headphones are ready for a run, no matter the weather. A four-hour active use batter allows for plenty of extended running sessions, while the fast-charging case provides an extra hour’s worth of playtime off a five-minute charge.

Jaybird RUN XT Workout Headphones Amazon

Jaybird RUN XT Workout Headphones



5. EarFun Free Pro Workout Headphones


We’ve covered EarFun products a few times on the site already, but their Pro model is just as good for exercise as they are for everyday listening. The slightly smaller profile earbuds fit in your ears perfectly, providing a safe, secure, and lightweight feel with high-quality audio. Plus, the IPX5 waterproofing rating helps to give some good sweat protection. Oh, and they’re priced really well, making quite a compelling package.

EarFun Free Pro Workout Headphones Amazon

EarFun Free Pro Workout Headphones

$59.99 $79.99 25% OFF


6. Sony WF-SP800BN Workout Headphones


Sony continues to be one of, if not the gold standard when it comes to the actual audio quality in their headphones, and that’s absolutely the case with the WF-SP800BN Workout Headphones. The earbud’s unique design allows for a locked-in fit that won’t jostle or move around while you’re working out and are sweat and splash-proof. But the real benefit here is the combination of superior noise-canceling and a crisp, quality sound that will allow you to get lost in both your music and your workout routine.

Sony WF-SP800BN Workout Headphones Amazon

Sony WF-SP800BN Workout Headphones



7. Beats Powerbeats Pro Workout Headphones


Listen, we get that you might want a pair of workout headphones that don’t sit in your, but rather, something you can actively feel is locked into your ear. Thankfully, the Beats Powerbeats Pro workout headphones do just this by providing an over-the-ear design that allows the headphones to sort of clip into your ears. Additionally, the Powerbeats boast a truly impressive nine hours (!) of constant listening time, allowing you to nail that new PR.

Beats Powerbeats Pro Workout Headphones Amazon

Beats Powerbeats Pro Workout Headphones

$199.95 $249.95 20% OFF


8. AfterShokz Aeropex Workout Headphones


Living in a major city has a ton of great benefits, but running might be difficult. If you’re concerned about making sure you’re capable of hearing outdoor noises but still want to hear your favorite tunes, the AfterShokz Aeropex workout headphones will work well for you. These bone conduction headphones have a unique design that leaves your ears open to the sounds around you while still allowing you to hear your music.

AfterShokz Aeropex Workout Headphones Amazon

AfterShokz Aeropex Workout Headphones



9. LETSCOM V5.0 Workout Headphones


While they’re not truly wireless, these workout headphones from LETSCOM are an extremely cost-effective way to get your workout on without having to spend a lot. But the cheaper price point doesn’t mean you’re losing out on features, as the headphones feature eight hours of playtime, IPX7 waterproofing and a comfortable fit you can adjust to your individual needs better. Plus, they come in a few different colors, so there’s something for everyone.

LETSCOM V5.0 Workout Headphones Amazon


10. TREBLAB Z2 Workout Headphones


If you’re heading to the gym to get your press on, it’s best to get some over-ear headphones so you can cut out all the extra chatter and focus on getting that next rep in. These cans from TREBLAB feature active noise canceling, 35 hours of playback time on a single charge, sweat resistance and a comfortable fit. Basically, you’ll have everything you need to focus on that perfect curl and with such a long battery, you can easily toss them in your bag for a week or two on end before you need to give them another charge.

TREBLAB Z2 Workout Headphones Amazon

TREBLAB Z2 Workout Headphones



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