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First Look: Beyerdynamic Enters the World of Wireless Earbuds With the Free BYRD

Beyerdynamic is one of those companies you might not have heard of unless you’re a true audiophile. Beyerdynamic is an established brand among music lovers thanks to the high level of quality it brings to its studio headphones and microphones. And as of Tuesday, July 7, Beyerdynamic has entered the world of true wireless earbuds for the first time with the Free BYRD.

The company is undergoing a similar journey as Marshall, the maker of the popular speakers used by musicians for generations. In recent years, Marshall has rolled out a line of popular Bluetooth speakers and wireless headphones, picking up awards from product review websites like SPY along the way.

We’re still in the process of testing the new Byderdynamic wireless earbuds, but keep reading to get your first look at these new buds.

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Courtesy of Beyerdynamic

What We Know About the Free BYRD Earbuds

Great sound is about software just as much as hardware. The Free BYRD uses the latest aptX adaptive and AAC codecs to deliver detailed highs, rumbling bass and clear audio whether you’re gaming, jamming out to music or watching a movie. By recognizing which activity you’re currently doing, the software adapts to the soundscape you need.

There’s a Transparency Mode that users can switch to by tapping the earbuds, allowing them to jump into a conversation with ease. This is part of the overall active noise-cancelling system that, combined with the 10mm driver, makes your aural experience that much better.

The packaging includes five different silicone ear covers to help users find the right fit for their ears. In addition, the Free BYRD earbuds have three additional memory-foam earpieces with IPX4 certification, for running or during other physical activities. You can get these wet or sweat through them without damaging the earbuds.

Finally, Free BYRD includes a Low Latency Mode that’s perfect for gamers. It keeps your video and audio in sync, meaning you won’t lose a game because you misjudged how close an opponent’s footsteps were.

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Courtesy of Beyerdynamic

Free BYRD Pricing and Availability

The Free BYRD true wireless earbuds will be available starting July 7 on Amazon and the Beyerdynamic online store. (Editor’s note: as of publication, these earbuds were not yet available via Amazon.) You can choose between black and gray color options, both of which start at $249, putting these buds very much in the premium class of wireless earbuds.

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Courtesy of Beyerdynamic

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