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First Look: New Beyerdynamic XELENTO Earbuds Deliver Premium High-Res Sound — at a Premium Price

Your Airpods Pro are great for listening to music, but there’s another level of audio fidelity out there they can’t hope to reach. You know what can? The new second-generation Beyerdynamic XELENTO Remote and XELENTO Wireless in-ear headphones, officially released on October 13. Described by Beyerdynamic as the “true gems of the audio world,” these earbuds are hand-crafted for audiophiles to hear every single nuance of their favorite songs.

A Tesla driver makes up the “heart” of the new earbuds, and according to Beyerdynamic, “The TESLA.11 driver was specially designed to provide full hi-fi enjoyment even in its compact design. The 11 millimeter dynamic one-way driver impressively demonstrates how acoustic expertise, engineering and craftsmanship fuse together.”

The XELENTO Remote in-ear headphones come with a 3.5mm jack, while the XELENTO Wireless model comes with a unique Bluetooth neckband with up to 14 hours of battery life. The new headphones start at $999 and $1,199 and are available for purchase today. Keep in mind these are high-resolution audio products, not your standard pair of Bluetooth earbuds, and you’ll need similarly high-quality hi-fi components to truly make the most of these new headphones.

What makes these $1,000 earbuds so special? While they’re not quite the most expensive in-ear headphones in the world, they feature precision craftsmanship, truly high-res audio, and premium materials like genuine gold and silver.

Per Beyerdynamic: “Sophisticated design and a careful choice of materials emphasise the high quality standards of XELENTO. For an outstanding sound experience, only gold-plated pugs and silver-plated cables are used. As a special eye-catcher, the shiny front of the housing is adorned with real gold – handcrafted from 24 carat gold and applied using a high-precision technical process.”

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Audiophiles Only: About the New Beyerdynamic XELENTO Earbuds

A lot of people underestimate the power of great audio. Until you’ve heard true high-end sound, it’s hard to imagine what you’re missing when you rely on your standard computer speakers or AirPods. These XELENTO headphones are definitely pricey, but not so much so that they’re outside the budget of someone who really wants to experience high-res audio. First of all, these earbuds look great. Featuring silver and gold plating accents, as well as a silver-banded cord, they make a statement that’s more than the standard matte white or black of other devices.

The premium materials aren’t just for show, as these are true audiophile earbuds (with a price to match its high-end feature set).

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Courtesy of Beyerdynamic
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Courtesy of Beyerdynamic

Here’s what’s included with the new Beyerdynamic XELENTO Remote earbuds:

  • XELENTO REMOTE in-ear earbuds
  • Cable with 4.4MM 5-pole jack
  • Cable with 3.5MM 4-pole jack and Remote control
  • Silicone ear tips (XS-3XL)
  • Memory foam Eartips (S-L)
  • Travel carrying case
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Interchangeable wax guards
  • Cable clips
  • Certificate of authenticity

And here’s what’s included with the new Beyerdynamic XELENTO Wireless earbuds:

  • XELENTO Wireless (2nd Gen) in-ear headphones
    Wireless Bluetooth neckband receiver
    Cable with 3.55, 4-pole jack and remote control
    Silicone ear tips (XS-3XL)
    Memory foam ear tips (S-L)
    Travel carrying case
    Microfiber cleaning cloth
    Interchangeable wax guards
    Cable clips
    Certificate of authenticity

Both headphones are outfitted with an 11mm one-way Tesla driver that delivers all the highs and lows of any song, as well as special acoustic filters to make out more details in the high-frequency range. They also come with seven different sets of eartips to find the absolute most comfortable fit and the best sound isolation.

The XELENTO remote model has a 4.4mm Pentaconn cable that connects to hi-fi components and Digital Audio Players, while the XELENTO wireless model has a Bluetooth 5.2 neckband that provides up to 14 hours of battery life. It also has a built-in digital-to-analog converter.

Both models also come with an MMCX plug-in system. Even the remote version can go wireless thanks to a special neckband that’s sold separately. The Pentaconn cable is also available as a separate purchase. While the price point might give some people sticker shock, true audiophiles will appreciate the small form factor and ease of use the Beyerdynamic XELENTO earbuds offer.


Beyerdynamic XELENTO Earbuds Pricing and Availability

The Beyerdynamic XELENTO second-generation earbuds are available today. The remote model is $999, while the wireless model is $1,199. Both are available from the Beyerdynamic online store or from Amazon, although Amazon has the wireless model marked up to almost $2,000, so we recommend purchasing them directly from Beyerdynamic.

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