Level Up: The 5 Best Books on Biohacking to Upgrade Your Life

best biohacking books
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* Biohacking is all about how what we put into our bodies effects how our bodies perform
* Dave Asprey’s Bulletproof diet is one of the more well-known approaches
* Pick up one of these five books to find out what biohacking is really all about

No, this is not the premise of an episode of Black Mirror, although it may sound like one. Biohacking has slowly been gaining popularity recently, and its most well-known approach comes through the best-selling book and accompanying lifestyle guide by Dave Asprey, “The Bulletproof Diet.” In a nutshell, biohacking focuses on how what we put into our bodies effects our overall outputs, including everything from concentration to stress and energy levels. It gives you advice on what to emphasize in your diet, such as healthy fats and low-mercury fish, and how simple things like adjusting your posture and spending more time outside can impact your entire day. If you’re interested in seeing what the biohacking craze is all about, pick up one of the five books below to get a simple, no-nonsense introduction on how to biohack your life.

1. Head Strong: The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks

Dave Asprey made waves with his book “The Bulletproof Diet,” which took his years of collaborating with experts to uncover ways in which our diet could help us perform better and think faster. In this book, Asprey outlines a straightforward two-week program that provides clear guidelines, from the best foods to avoid, to recommended meditation and breathing practices.

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2. The Awakened Ape: A Biohacker’s Guide To Evolutionary Fitness, Natural Ecstasy, and Stress-Free Living

Taking us back to our beginnings, Jevan Pradas examines the lessons we can learn from Amazonian Tribes, Himalayan Hermits and Buddhist Monks. Juggling the chaos of our everyday lives often leaves us stressed, tired and burnt out, and many of us find happiness increasingly elusive.  Pradas combines Paleolithic lifestyle and Buddhist meditation in a detailed, instructional read that offers advice on everything from how to get into meditation, to how to effectively block out negative thinking.

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3. Intro to Biohacking: Be Smarter, Stronger, and Happier

While this may not be Limitless, we can all admit that our brains and body function better or worse depending on what we put into them. Biohacking is not some futuristic theory, it’s a realistic and relatively simple approach to maximizing our energy and concentration levels. Ari R Meisel gives you a beginners introduction, outlining the essential tenets of the lifestyle approach, and helping you apply them to your everyday life.

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4. The Biohacking Manifesto

James Lee, author of the “The Methuselah Project,” unpacks a central part of biohacking, which is optimizing your biological potential, through slowing the process of cellular aging. Lee emphasizes focusing on parts of your life you may have overlooked. For example, did you know that having rich social interactions can actually extend your lifespan? Backed by meticulously researched and referenced clinical studies, this book takes a natural approach to fighting the aging process.

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5. Biohackers Journal – Keeping Track of Your Biohacking Stack: Biohacking Journal

What is the benefit of putting all this time and effort into your biohacking approach, if you don’t keep track of it? This handy journal from Caterina Christakos and Sue Bell allows you to record everything you’ve been ingesting, from food and drink to supplements, and chronicle the effect it has on your body. 

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