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Game Like a Pro With the BlueFinger Adjustable Gaming Keyboard

It’s time to give your workspace or gaming room a little color. Type like you’re a character in a high-tech thriller with this BlueFinger Adjustable LED gaming keyboard. For gamers who love to get into the futuristic sci-fi state of mind, boring white or black keyboards just won’t cut it. Now you can watch colors fly underneath your fingertips with BlueFinger’s latest typing gadget.

Lightening dashes across the keys in blue, purple, or red. Whether you’re in a sunny room or working in a dark basement, the adjustable color feature allows you to control the keyboard’s brightness levels. Holding down Fn+SL keys adjusts the color scheme. Fn+PS enables the three-color breath mode, and Fn+PV switches the light function to one-color breath mode.

With a power supply voltage of +5V+/ -0.5V, this BlueFinger Adjustable LED has a long lifespan. It is guaranteed to make gaming an exhilarating experience for years to come.

Aside from its crazy sci-fi features, this is a regular keyboard equipped with all necessary keys for gaming or regular computer use. It also comes with a BlueFinger customized and versatile mousepad. The keyboard is compatible with all Windows, Linux, Vista, and Apple operating systems.

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