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Take Your Tunes Into The Tub With This $35 Floating Bluetooth Speaker

* Waterproof speaker comes with a built-in FM radio
* Highly portable and works in the bathtub and the shower
* A great speaker to have for relaxing or rocking out

You know the deal. You gotta have your tunes ready to rock no matter where you are. And while there are plenty of portable speakers on the market, few let you leave land and groove with you in the water. But, the Hydro-Beat Floating Bluetooth Speaker lets the rock, reggae, and funk follow you wherever you like to float. And, that means all your tunes, all the time.

The concept is brilliant. A floating speaker with a built-in FM radio that can also connect to your phone to play whatever tunes you want. And, it’s not just waterproof…it’s submersible down to one meter below the water line. It can stay there for 30 minutes, while still blasting your tunes. So, you never have to worry about it getting wet.

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Now, think of the possibilities. Instead of listening to a stereo that’s on the other side of the pool, you’re hearing your tunes up close and personal. And, you can move it without having to dry off your hands first. It works in bathtubs too!

Picture this: You come home after a long day of work, and instead of hearing music pumping down the hallway it’s bouncing off the walls of your bathroom sounding like a pro audio system in a nightclub. Only in this club, the only bubbly is the water you’re floating in. Pretty great, right?

And, that’s only the beginning. It’s great when you’re showering because its suction cup base sticks to the tiles. It’s also terrific for kayaking, fishing, sailing, camping, hiking, snowboarding…the list goes on. By the way, the Bluetooth connection works up to 24 feet away. And, it also has 10 LED mood lights to give you added ambiance.


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