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Jam Out With These Cool, User-Friendly Bluetooth Headphones

Nothing is worse than trying to listen to your favorite tunes on the go, only to get tangled up in annoying wires. From work to travel, wireless headphones are a must for convenient listening and calling. Our choice for a modern look and hassle-free listening experience are these savvy Urbanears Pampas Headphones. These cool yet simple headphones create an elevated musical experience for both techies and casual listeners alike, without compromising ease of use or style.

Some of the greatest features you can enjoy with these Bluetooth headphones are its long range listening and long battery life. Its wireless connection has a range of up to 30 feet, which allows you to walk away from your device without worrying about disrupting your music. Its battery can also stay charged for 30+ hours, so you can listen for days on end without the need to charge your headphones.

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Just as important is its ease of use: these no frills headphones are designed for optimized sound without the complicated features. The on-earphone control knob allows you to skip songs, answer calls and adjust volume without having to access your device. These headphones also have an empty socket, so that you can conveniently plug in with a friend for a shared musical experience.

In addition, these are the ideal headphones for travel. The collapsible design allows you to easily store them in your bag without the typical bulk of over-ear devices, so that you get both an enhanced sound experience and easy portability.

Unlike many other high-end personal listening devices, these trendy, top performing headphones are reasonably priced at less than $150, making them a great choice for both music buffs and the average listener. With these headphones, you don’t need to break the bank to enjoy great sound with style and convenience.

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