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This Bluetooth Speaker Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

* Big performance power
* Simple, sleek, stylish
* Wireless Bluetooth 3.0

Amplify your life with the EMIE Minimalist Wooden Portable Bluetooth Speaker. With the push of a button, it provides enough clear, well-balanced sound to ensure a stellar listening experience wherever you go. We’re talking big performance power…right in the palm of your hand.

EMIE Minimalist Wooden Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Everything sounds good on the EMIE. The mid and high sound is crystal clear. The bass is amazing. And, it’s all tuned by a professional radio driver and passive subwoofer. Style-wise, it brilliantly blends minimalist design and modern technology for a vintage vibe that all generations can appreciate.

The EMIE is equipped with Bluetooth 3.0, so you can enjoy your music without wires. Simply turn on the speaker and choose ‘Emie radio’ on your device. Couldn’t be easier. It works with most smartphones, including iPhone and Samsung. And, don’t worry, old-schoolers. There’s an aux cable in case you still feel the need to plug in.

This terrific speaker is so lightweight, less than two pounds. It recharges on most USB power sources and holds a charge for up to 6 hours. It’s perfect whether you’re on a road trip, out by the pool, relaxing in bed or hanging out in your hotel room. We may not all agree on which tunes to play. But we can all agree this is the way to play them, because the EMIE proves you don’t have to sacrifice performance for portability. Comes with a 1-year warranty

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