Singing in The Shower Gets Way More Fun With This Showerhead Speaker Combo

bluetooth speaker h2ovibe
Photo courtesy Amazon
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* Offers 3x more spray than traditional showerheads
* Can connect to your phone up to 33 feet away
* Works with any Bluetooth-enabled device

Shower singers, rejoice! Now there’s a simpler way to play your favorite tunes in the bathroom. The H2oVibe includes a beautiful showerhead and uses Bluetooth technology to turn any shower into your very own concert hall.

The H2OVibe offers 3x more spray than traditional showerheads, helping you feel like you’re in an upscale spa. The rainfall shower is relaxing and wide-reaching. Made with high-quality plastic and coated with a beautiful chrome finish, the showerhead adds a sense of style to any bathroom.

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But what you really want to know about is the wireless speaker. The Vibe uses 10GHz frequency to provide clearer, crisper sounds through the pitter-patter of water. You can enjoy a better quality sound experience without having to worry about interference or outside noise. It’s definitely a big step up from trying to play music through your phone in the room next door. 

Best of all, the detachable shower speaker works with any Bluetooth-enabled device. You can listen to music from your smartphone up to 33 feet away. A push button and dual microphones also allow you to use it to answer calls — though this showerhead’s so good you may not want to.

Installation is easy and syncing the speaker to your phone only takes a few seconds. This set comes with a USB cable and lasts up to eight hours on a single charge. While we don’t advise you to spend all eighhours in the shower, with a showerhead this good we won’t judge you, either.

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