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Listen on The Go With This Attachable Bluetooth Speaker

* Bluetooth +1 connectivity lets you connect two speakers simultaneously
* Offers smoother audio and deeper bass than traditional portable speakers
* Rechargeable battery provides up to 12 hours of nonstop play

This is one speaker that was meant to be listened to on the go. With a beautiful high-quality finish and an easy-to-use touchscreen, the Libratone ONE CLICK lets you rock out to your favorite tunes anywhere, anytime.

Unlike other portable speakers, the ONE CLICK totes an impressive IPX-4 splash-proof rating. Plus the protective rubber frame helps keep it safe from rain and other natural elements. Use the clip-on connector to attach it to virtually anything, from your bike’s handlebars to your backpack and more. You can even take it to the pool and clip it to your chair without having to worry about water damage.

Equipped with a 3-inch woofer and dual passive drivers, this little speaker sports a powerful audio range. It also utilizes an impressive 360-degree sound functionality to project audio into any room, no matter the size. If you’re looking for a little extra boost in juice, you can link two speakers together using the ONE CLICK app. With Bluetooth +1 connectivity, you’re able to double your fun for the price of one.

The speaker’s rechargeable battery offers up to 12 hours of continuous play, but if that’s not enough for you, there’s also a built-in USB port to help you keep the music playing indefinitely. With four separate colors to choose from, this is one extremely versatile speaker that you won’t want to miss out on.

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