This Is the Loudest Battery-Powered Speaker in the World

SOUNDBOKS Portable Speaker
Photo courtesy Soundboks
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* Shock, weather and water-resistant
* Sounds can travel up to 100 yards with volumes reaching 119 dB
* No wires, cords or complicated setup required

With volume levels that can hit up to 119 dB and a whopping 100-yard range, the SOUNDBOKS really is the world’s loudest portable speaker.

You can adjust the sound quality based on your particular setting and crowd. From beaches to block parties, tailgates and weddings, this portable speaker is able to hit all the highs without leaving a single note behind. It also produces extremely high-quality sounds with no distortion up close or far away.

[caption id="attachment_65272" align="aligncenter" width="241"]"SOUNDBOKS Portable Speaker Photo courtesy Amazon[/caption]

Best of all, the SOUNDBOKS offers the easiest plug-n-play experience on the market today. No complicated wires, no plugs — just this speaker and you. Weighing only 30 lbs, the SOUNDBOKS is built with a sound-inducing Baltic birchwood and is covered by a tough aluminum frame, making it elegant, sturdy and extremely durable.

Sporting up to 150 hours of playtime when set on a lower volume and up to 50 hours on full blast, the SOUNDBOKS can keep any party going for hours — or days. And with a built-in high-tech lithium battery, it only takes three hours to fully charge.

This speaker is able to withstand heavy shocks up to three feet, works normally under extreme temperatures and is even water-resistant. Yup, this speaker was built to last. It also includes AUX and Bluetooth connectivity so you can easily sync it to your phone, laptop or another external device up to 60 feet away.

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