These $60 Sunglasses Have Built-In Bluetooth Speakers So You Can Listen To Music On The Go

OhO Speaker Sunglasses
Image Courtesy of Amazon

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* Smart sunglasses features Bluetooth speakers and a built-in mic
* Enjoy your workout without having to stop to answer the phone
* You can access Siri, take calls and more without ever using your hands

Joggers know that the fastest way to kill a runner’s high is being forced to take a quick pit stop before you’re ready. Whether it’s to tie your untied shoes, adjust your clothes or, perhaps worse, answer your phone, pausing your workout can throw your entire game off. While your shoes and clothes may still be an issue, the OhO takes smartphone problems out of the equation altogether with these handy Bluetooth sunglasses.

That’s right! These seemingly normal sunglasses feature an open-ear speaker system that lets you listen to your tunes while you run, bike or do whatever it is you like to do.

OhO-Bluetooth-Sunglasses Image Courtesy of Amazon

With a built-in HD microphone, you can also take calls without ever having to stop mid-motion and pull your phone from your pocket. You can even use it to ask Siri or your Google Assistant to switch songs, open an app and more.

The extra slim design helps make these sunglasses discreet and portable, while the smart UV400 polarized lens block out harmful sun rays to help keep you focused on the task at hand. Best of all, these smart sunglasses come with a powerful built-in battery that’s able to run up to three hours straight on maximum volume.

Can your sunglasses do all this? We didn’t think so.


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