Daily Deal: Two Pairs of Bluetooth Headphones on Sale Right Now, 50-63% Off

bluetooth wireless headphones
Image courtesy Amazon

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* Bluedio headphones on-sale right now
* Offer ends tonight at midnight
* $50 – $130 off original price

Whether you’ve recently upgraded to the iPhone 7 and you’re fed up with the inability to charge while you listen–or you just want to enjoy cordless convenience on your morning commute, now’s the time to buy Bluetooth headphones. Amazon is offering two sets right now for up to $130 off the list price.

Bluedio T3 Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

$79.99 $29.99 (63% Off)

An alloy frame and protein-rich memory foam ensure longevity and comfort for these Bluetooth stereo headphones. The 57mm diaphragm facilitates dynamic sound and bangs out extra bass for a great listening experience. You won’t miss a beat. They’re also outfitted with a high-sensitivity condenser microphone for effortless hand-free calling.

bluetooth wireless headphones Image courtesy Amazon


Bluedio V Pro Patented Bluetooth Headphones

$249.99 $119.99 (52% Off)

An operational distance of 10m and support for multiple Bluetooth profiles (aptx, A2DP and VRCP) put the Pro Patented Headphones from Bluedio on-pace with current industry standards. Outfitted with state-of-the-art PPS 12 electro acoustic technology, dynamic transducers and 50mm speakers, they create a wide sound stage with enhanced bass for superior quality. Bluedio also incorporated 24bit 48kHz audio resolution with Transcendent S/PDIF Optical Transmission technology, resulting in high definition audio that lets you discover subtle nuances in your favorite songs.

bluetooth wireless headphones Image courtesy Amazon

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