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The Times Might Be a Changin’, But for His Fans, the ‘Dylan: Disc By Disc’ Book Is Always a Great Gift

Dylan: Disc by Disc, by award-winning music critic Jon Bream, takes a deep dive into the prolific singer/songwriter/Nobel Prize winner’s storied career through careful consideration of Dylan’s 36 studio albums. For Dylan fanatics, this book is an absolute must-have.

In Dylan: Disc by Disc, rock musicians, songwriters, and critics weight in not only on each release and Dylan’s astonishing musical accomplishments, but also shine a spotlight on the factors in his life that influenced his songwriting. The result is a sprawling, detailed look at a man who has arguably done more to shape American music culture than any other artist. His incredible body of work has influenced musicians in almost every genre.

Bream’s robust work follows Dylan from his early acoustic roots through the moment he went electric at the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. Reader’s come to understand his role supercharging the human rights movement of the 60s, as well as playing with The Band. We also get a glimpse of his “Christian” period and fight for artistic identity. Dylan’s stunning legacy is beautifully examined through words, LP art and photography.

For the Bob Dylan fanatic in your life, Dylan: Disc by Disc is a unique retrospective of the life and music of an American treasure. It’s the perfect gift for the music fan in your life.

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