Get The Body Cams The Cops Wear To Record Your Movements On The Go

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* Super portable multifunction body cams
* Useful for civilians and police officers
* Features include IR LED night mode & audio recording

While the phrase “Body Cam” is almost always used in a police context, and the devices were generally first manufactured to meet government specs, it turns out you can actually buy these things for personal use as well.

These inexpensive, rugged and wearable cameras are useful for more than just safety and transparency in police procedure: they can be used as personal security cameras, tools to capture vacation and other special moments and they can even contribute to some artistic pursuits. Find out what kind of animal has been stealing the dog food at night, or get a foolproof backup of your ski trip footage with these cams.

1. SAFEVANT Multi-functional Camera

This wearable camera can be left on in a “set it and forget it” mode, recording up to about 7 hours of footage per battery charge. Since there’s no playback screen on the device, it restores a little of the old mystery of using film.

SAFEVANT body cam Image Courtesy of Amazon


2. Firstrend Body Cam

This weather-sealed body cam can be worn or used outside in all types of weather. It also features available infrared lighting and the option to use its built-in LEDs with a range of about 30 feet.

Firstrend police body cam Image Courtesy of Amazon


3. Boblov Infrared Recorder

The Boblov A7L50 Infrared Recorder is a clip-on module available with a variety of camera types, but they all support continuous one-touch recording of video, stills and audio only files, too.

Boblov Infrared Body Cam Image Courtesy of Amazon


4. R-Tech Body Cam

This one sports an impressively long battery life that offers up to 10 hours of filming at 1296p HD. It also comes with IR LEDs for recording in the dark.

R-tech Rugged Body Cam Image Courtesy of Amazon


5. Miufly Body Cam

This full featured body cam offers a 2-inch LCD monitor so you can look at playback easily. It also supports the ability to use one of the company’s auxiliary lenses for better optical performance or different focal lengths.

Miufly Body Cam Image Courtesy of Amazon