7 Far Out Novelty Books For Star Wars Fans

Star Wars Secrets
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* From self-help to cookbooks, the force of Star Wars has left few genres untouched
* Plus, learn about fashion trends in the Old Republic, Storm Trooper etiquette and more
* Great holiday gifts for Star Wars fans

Harvard astronomers recently speculated that an interstellar object first sighted in 2017 might have been an alien artifact. The object unexpectedly sped up after passing the sun, in a manner the astronomers said was inconsistent with gravitational interactions alone. It’s almost as if this real visitor from “a long time ago” and someplace “far, far away” saw what humans were up to, or possibly scanned Twitter, said “nope,” and hurried off.

We may never know what that interstellar object really is, but if you’re a Star Wars fan, you probably know that universe is much more fully mapped than our own. Here are seven of the most out-there, hilarious, and interesting Star Wars-themed books you can find on Earth today.

1. Be More Vader

Tired of the same old self-help books with their trite, cliched suggestions? Thinking your self-care would be a lot easier if only someone would ask you to embrace the dark side and rule the galaxy together? Well then, here’s some assertiveness inspo from Lord Vader, courtesy of author Christian Blauvelt.

Be More Vader Courtesy Urban Outfitters


2. Star Wars Galactic Maps

It may not help you find a rest stop off I-95, but this Star Wars atlas of the galaxy is plenty entertaining travel reading for all ages nonetheless.

Star Wars Maps Courtesy Amazon

3. How to Speak Wookiee

Trekkies have been able to learn Klingon for years, so it was about time for a decent Wookiee as a foreign language guide.

How to Speak Wookiee Courtesy Urban Outfitters


4. Star Wars Encyclopedia

This visual encyclopedia covers the vast breadth of the Star Wars universe, from Anakin to X-Wings, from the sea creatures of various planets to the particulars of Padme’s royal trousseau.

Star Wars Encyclopedia Courtesy Amazon

5. A Certain Point of View

Featuring short stories told from the points of view of characters even die-hard Star Wars fans may not yet have empathized with, this unique compilation also has a noble purpose: the proceeds from its sale benefit First Book, a noted charity helping underserved kids get access to educational materials.

Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View Courtesy Amazon

6. Star Wars Cookbook

Along with the inevitable Han Sandwich, this Star Wars cookbook teaches you to make some of the galaxy’s most interesting delicacies.

Star Wars Cookbook Courtesy Urban Outfitters


7. Secrets of the Galaxy Box Set

If you’ve ever wanted to unravel the secrets of the galaxy… the answer is 42. Just kidding, that’s a different galaxy with a different guide… For a certain galaxy far, far away, though, this box set provides a unique collection of handbooks covering little-known facets of Jedi lore, bounty hunter legend and imperial rules and regulations.

Star Wars Secrets Box Set Courtesy Amazon


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