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Designed for Sports, These Earphones Are Sweat Proof and Slip Proof

* Newest Bluetooth technology
* Sweat proof design make it ideal for tough workouts
* Carrying case keeps them safe and sound while traveling

Hitting the gym and keeping in shape these days is hard for anyone. How do you pass the time in that bootcamp class or on the dreariness of a treadmill? The answer for many is music. Headphones can be seen on the ears of everyone these days. But with workouts getting tougher as HIIT classes and kettlebells fill today’s gym experience, the need for sweat proof wireless earbuds is necessary now more than ever. 

borofone bluetooth headphone

Borofone helps with these new, wireless Bluetooth headphones that are not only sweat proof, but which also utilize the latest in Bluetooth 4.2 technology. This new technology offers a greater range of distance, clearer sound and fast paring with any device using Bluetooth.  

Perhaps the greatest benefit of these headphones is their lightweight build. These are wrap-around wireless headphones that do not connect to your phone. This way, you have greater maneuverability during those fast paced kettlebell workouts or CrossFit classes. The lightweight construction means that you’ll forget these are on and you’ll hit your goals faster. The sweat proof design means these headphones won’t fizzle out or fall off when your workout kicks it up a notch. 

The Borofone Bluetooth headphones are also magnetic, so you can easily attach the headphones and hang them around a convenient storage place for safe keeping.

Worried about missing an important business call during your workout? Have no fear, these headphones also include a microphone so you’ll never miss a call from the office.

With a play time of four hours, you’ll be able to hit the gym or that run and still take a call after it’s all said and done.

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