Puzzle Power: The 8 Best Logic, Puzzle and Brain Teaser Books for Mental Workouts

Puzzle Power: The 8 Best Logic,
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* Challenging puzzle books that will make you think
* These logic and puzzle books are a fun way to pass the time
* Keep reading for some fun and challenging ways to lower your brain age

Brain Games including puzzles, trivia challenges, riddles and problem-solving are all designed to not only challenge your skills but also keep your brain young. Just like exercise helps keep your body fit and functioning, puzzle games will help keep your brain active and give a cognitive advantage to those who regularly play them.

In order to help you cross-train your brain, we have picked 8 of the best logic, puzzle and trivia challenge books to help you regrow your brain — and outsmart your competitors.

1. Logic Puzzles

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2. Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles

Our next brain bender book is “Montague Island Mysteries and Other Logic Puzzles.” This book is unique in that it is essentially a novel that follows a group of friends who meet regularly to play murder-mystery games at the island home of a wealthy couple. As you read along, you go about completing the puzzles and learn more about the guests, the house and the island and ultimately uncover a secret about the mansion itself.

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3. Brain Games

For those who prefer more straightforward games, we have the classic USA Today “Jumbo Puzzle Book 2: 400 Brain Games for Every Day.” This second-edition puzzle book from the popular newspaper is a collection of brain games, which includes 400 different types of puzzles such as logic, crossword, Sudoku, Word Roundup and Hidato which will keep you busy and entertained for hours.

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4. Games, Puzzles and Trivia Challenges

“399 Games, Puzzles & Trivia Challenges Specially Designed to Keep your Brain Young” is a book based on the science that shows that people middle-aged or older who solve word games and brainteasers have a significant cognitive advantage over those who do not. This illustrated game book was specifically created to cross-train the brain, to stretch, challenge and push the reader, all of which will stimulate the formation of neurons, essentially regrowing the brain.

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5. Brain Games

“Brain Games: Lower Your Brain Age in Minutes a Day” is a series of books that were developed to help people increase their memory, sharpen reasoning and expand their creative thinking. Working on the puzzles in this book can provide a vigorous mental workout for virtually everyone, from teenagers to senior citizens. A variety of games from crosswords and cryptograms, to language and math puzzles will keep your mind engaged every step of the way.

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6. Riddles and Brain Teasers

“Of Course! The Greatest Collection of Riddles and Brain Teasers for Expanding Your Mind” is a collection of riddles, puzzles and brain teasers that have been years in the making. This collection of puzzles will challenge the way you think, introduce you to new ways to look at problems and ultimately expand your mind.

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7. Mathematical Recreations

First published in the former Soviet Union in 1956, the classic book, “The Moscow Puzzles: 359 Mathematical Recreations” is considered one of the best and most popular puzzle books ever written. The book is comprised of a varied assortment of brainteasers, ranging from simple to difficult, with a focus on mathematics and logic.

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8. Logic Puzzles

Our last challenging puzzle book is the Puzzle Baron’s “Logic Puzzles: Hours of Brain-Challenging Fun.” Filled with 200 grid-based logic puzzles from the popular website, PuzzleBaron.com, the book challenges readers to use pure logic to deduce the correct answer for each tricky puzzle. Once solved, you can then check your stats against the average completion time, record the time and the percentage of people who actually finish the puzzle.

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