From Professional Advice to Personal Anecdotes, These Audiobooks Just Might Save Your Business

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In an age of instant information, digital entertainment and YouTube series that share everything from men’s grooming methods to learning how to get rich quick, there are endless ways to get a quick hit of knowledge. Digital platforms can also be an effective medium for us to learn about travel and culture as well as industry insights covering health and business hacks. And some of our favorite hands-free infotainment comes in the form of audiobooks, as they can be listened to anywhere, like sitting in traffic or while grinding at the gym. For business minded people who are looking for some literature to help elevate their brands and professional connections, these four highly-rated books offer up the goods to get you there. From collected advice shared by 100 people in “The Better Business Book” to personal anecdotes told by Dale Carnegie in his book about influencing an audience, these stories want to help you build—or save—your startup.

1. “The Better Business Book: 100 People, 100 Stories, 100 Business Lessons To Live By

This immersive story-laden book is a gathering of voices from business, 100 to be exact. This compilation aims to reduce the extra noise that often comes with individual business books and strips it down so you can get the juicy info from business professionals that covers a wide range of marketing strategies and approaches spanning social media, video marketing and business networking. Tap these voices in between meetings and you just might uncover a helpful hint for your next work project.

"The Better Business Book" Courtesy of Amazon

2. Jason McDonald’s “The Marketing Book”

This updated edition is customized for your business endeavours in 2019. Designed for marketing managers and business owners, this all-encompassing audiobook is finetuned for those looking to progress their career. McDonald’s touches on brand building, creating compelling content, promoting your brand and actually defining what it is you want to do next with your brilliant idea.

Jason McDonald's "The Marketing Book"  Courtesy of Amazon

3. Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends and Influence People”

An oldie but a goodie, Carnegie’s effective approach to social networking is a tell-all of inspiring ways to gain attention and your ability to influence an audience. Our work often stems from the connections we make on a personal level, and this audiobook aims to teach you how to improve your likeability, win people over to think the way you do and nine specific ways to change people without causing resentment. It is worth a listen if you are in business and searching for creative ways to improve relations with clients and employees alike.

Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People"  Courtesy of Amazon

4. Ron Price and Stacy Ennis’s “Growing Influence”

This inspirational story may be a work of fiction but it is derived from the author’s first-hand experiences of being a millennial who is on the rise to expand their career. It is a relatable tale that motivates its listeners to empower themselves in the workplace, develop leadership skills and impact audiences through a lens of expertise. This is a great audiobook directed at driven go-getters looking to begin their first start-up or young employees who want to lead a business career with integrity and character, no matter the challenge.

Ron Price and Stacy Ennis's "Growing Influence"  Courtesy of Amazon