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These Mini Button Cameras Allow for Discreet and Convenient Recording

Outfitting your home with a security system often entails sticking a large camera on a bookshelf or the wall. Having a clearly visible camera on the outside can serve as an effective deterrent, but a large inside camera could potentially lead any intruder to break or steal the device. Plus, it can be a little unsettling to have a camera peering down at you, even if it’s the camera that you installed. That’s why a button-sized camera can be a good idea for home security. They can be hidden in a variety of places, allowing you to keep an eye on your home when you need to and forget it the rest of the time.

Mini cameras have other applications outside of the home. You can use them while you’re mountain climbing, for example, to capture a record of your adventure. Even the most compact adventure cameras, like the GoPro, are kind of large and can be cumbersome if you don’t have a convenient way to mount one. Mini cameras can be clipped to a shirt or backpack loop. If you ride a bike, you probably understand the risks of bike theft. A mini camera can be attached to your bike to monitor, so if someone tries to steal your ride, you’ve got the video feed. You can even attach one to a pet’s collar, just to see what they’re up to. There are a ton of applications, it just comes down to what features you want. These cameras are wireless, and they all record to MicroSD cards for easy on-the-go use.

1. PELDA Mini Camera Home Security Spy Cam

This camera has a lot of features in a small package; it has night-vision capabilities, records at 1080p, and it has a motion sensor that automatically starts recording and saves the footage. It’s just over an inch wide and tall. Plus, it has a built-in magnet, so it can be easily attached anywhere.

Pros: Most compact on this list. Comes with a motion sensor and records using an SD card, allowing it to be taken around without worrying about connectivity.

Cons: Since it records by SD card, you can’t remotely check the footage. It also doesn’t have audio.

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2. Facamworld Spy Camera Wireless Hidden Security Camera

For an option that you can check remotely, this wireless camera has Android/iOS app compatibility. It connects over WiFi, but you can use it with an SD card instead if you don’t have a connection. If you are using WiFi, the motion detection will send a notification to your phone if triggered.

Pros: Can connect over WiFi for live updates, or record to a memory card. Has a loop to easily hang it up. Records audio.

Cons: Functionality is dependent on using the app, and some found the app difficult to set up. Considerably larger than the other options.

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3. Alicom Spy Camera

This mini camera records to an SD card. It comes with a wall bracket and two different kinds of pocket clips. Like the other options, it has a motion sensor. If used as a home security camera, it can record while wired. It’s longest side is 1.6 inches.

Pros: Compact and discrete, includes a wall-mount and pocket clips for using in various settings.

Cons: No audio recording.

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