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Save Time and Sanity With Cloop’s Innovative Cable Keeper

* Keep your cords and cables organized and under control
* Ideal for earbuds, headphones and other small cables
* Cli your headphones to your shirt while working out or on-the-go

Right now, lurking in the bottom of your bag or desk drawer is a tangle of earbuds, chargers and USB cords, just waiting to frustrate you. So before you spend more precious time out of your day getting lost in yet another un-knotting project, know that there’s a company called Cloop that feels your pain — and also has a solution.

A magnetic cable keeper made of elastic silicone with strong neodymium magnets, Cloop may not be the first cable organizer to hit the market, but it’s certainly upped the game. Slip your cable through a notched-out passage, then find those neodymium magnets ready to snap open and shut, keeping everything tangle free. The powerful magnetic ends can also be used to anchor your cords to just about anything. Use this feature to clip earbuds to your shirt when working out or on the go, or keep your USB cords snapped to your bag for safekeeping.

As electronics have become items as essential as house keys and your wallet, their accessories have become part of the daily schlepp, too. So pretty much any situation benefits from a few Cloop clips.

Make those daily use cables at work suddenly easy to access, keep them organized when traveling, and even if it’s just that lone pair of earbuds, you’ll breath a sigh of relief to find them untangled and ready to go when you need them.

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