Capture the Moment With the Quick Release Photo Camera Strap

Altura Photo Camera Strap
Image courtesy Amazon

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* Quick release design for easy access
* High quality metal fittings provide durability
* Comfortable neoprene shoulder pad

Designed with travelers, event photographers and street photographers in mind, the Altura Photo camera strap is a quick-release shoulder strap with a built-in safety tether. It facilitates quick shooting and helps prevent snags.

High-quality metal fittings and hardware give the strap added durability and security, and a broad, weight-optimized neoprene shoulder pad helps distribute the load for heavier DSLR and lens set-ups, and lets you keep your camera on all day with minimal fatigue.

camera strap Image courtesy Amazon

The Altura Photo camera strap’s simple, focused design and reliable quick release mean fewer missed shots and more time to get that crucial angle. A stylish piece, this camera strap is available in black or a “vintage design” patina. The shoulder pad also includes a handy zipper pocket, great for storing spare memory cards.

Especially important for set, event and fashion photographers who may need to rapidly switch between handheld and tripod shots, the Altura Photo camera strap comes with a tripod-compatible backing plate. No need to detach the strap from the camera body — just unclip and set it back on the tripod head.

The backing plate is solid metal, too, and it screws on securely to your existing tripod adapters. This way, you can switch to handheld and back again in fractions of a second, getting the chance to capture those all-important moments that become the calling cards of the truly successful photographer.

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