Slip This Super-Slim Camera into Your Pocket the Next Time You Take a Trip

The Canon Powershot Digital Camera has

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* Camera is equipped with built-in WiFi connectivity
* Available in black, red and white
* Features 18x optical zoom lens

Get ready to kick your photography skills up a notch. The new Canon PowerShot SX600 Digital Camera is the next best thing to hiring a professional photographer. The meat of this super-slim camera is an astonishing feat of engineering: a high-powered 18x optical zoom. With a zoom lens this big in a camera this small, you will be ready to capture all the moments that matter — whenever and wherever they happen.

Next on the list of features is the built-in WiFi, which makes sharing your photos and videos quick and easy. The camera can connect directly to both iOS and Android devices and upload images via the free Canon camera Connect app without a computer. Easily post your images to all your social networking and media sites, or save them to the online photo album to share anytime, anywhere. Sharing of your media is completely customizable as well – share with everyone or only with selected groups.

For all you YouTube entrepreneurs out there, filming and sharing video is impossibly easy as well. The PowerShot SX600 not only preserves your video memories with spectacular realism, but does it in a format that makes them easy to share. Simply press the dedicated movie button to start and stop video recording and you will always be ready to capture the moment as it happens. The camera records in realistic 1080p Full High Definition, making your playback crystal clear with smooth action and natural color. The videos are stored as MP4 making them perfectly-sized for quick online sharing.

Other impressive features include remote shooting, built-in NFC for easier WiFi connectivity, “creative shot mode,” which gives you endless filter options and a 16.0 megapixel high-sensitive CMOS sensor which is the highest resolution CMOS sensor used in any PowerShot camera. Whether you are an amateur photographer or just appreciate a reliable camera that is step-up from your smartphone, the Canon SX600 will not disappoint.

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