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Put Those Dust-Collecting DVDs to Good Use on Your Next Road Trip With These Car DVD Systems

Streaming is all fun and games until you’re somewhere without internet. You’ll quickly find yourself longing for the days of Walkmans and VHS tapes. One of the places that having entertainment is a must is on long road trips, but streaming often isn’t an option. If you’ve got kids in the backseat (or even restless adults) having a portable DVD player can be a godsend. Maybe you haven’t dusted off your DVD collection since the days of Blockbuster, but you could easily put them to good use in the car.

Portable DVD players are easy to set up, and they often come with a variety of connection options. That way, if you decide to set them up somewhere other than the car, you can. Some of the options below also have connection options like USB and SD cards. Plus, some have rechargeable batteries for a truly portable experience. It may seem a little outdated to be adding a DVD player to your Amazon cart, but you might be surprised by how often you end up using it.

1. WONNIE 9.5” Dual Screen DVD Player Portable

There are USB ports for playing media from your phone, and a car charger, AC adapter, and various other cables are included for a quick setup out of the box.

Pros: Includes two screens, has a rechargeable lithium battery, variety of cables included.

Cons: No way to play different movies on the two screens. At 9.5 inches, these screens are the smallest on this list.

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2. NAVISKAUTO 10.1″ Car DVD Player

This car DVD player includes a free wireless headset, and there’s also a wall charger and 12V port adapter. The player has HDMI, AV Out, AV In, and USB ports, in addition to an SD card slot. It can even be used with XBOX and PlayStation.

Pros: Has a wide variety of input options, includes a free set of headphones.

Cons: Needs constant power source.

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3. UEME Portable DVD Player

This DVD player has a rechargeable battery, and the car charger and wall charger are included. It has USB, SD, and AV ports. The player has a clamshell design that rotates 180°; In addition to being able to be used as a headrest player, it can be propped open like a laptop or used as a tablet.

Pros: 180-degree clamshell design makes it capable of functioning as a tablet, headrest player, or laptop-style screen.

Cons: In order to change the DVD, the player has to be taken out of the headrest holder.

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