SPY Guide: 3 Speakers That Amplify Sound Naturally

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* No more tangled speaker wires
* Boosts the sound of your cell phone fuss-free
* Use it to play music, watch videos or to boost your morning alarm

We all know mobile phone speakers need some extra amplification to sound their best. But, the last thing we want are more tangled up wires to plug in. Fortunately, “natural amplifiers” are a thing these days, and here are three that caught our ear.

1. Jelly Comb Desk Stand

The Jelly Comb Desk Stand features a hollowed out design that naturally boosts the sound of your phone, whether you’re listening to music, watching TV, Facetiming your friends, or need your morning alarm to be a little louder. You can place your phone horizontally or vertically on it. And, the soft, smooth finish looks great wherever you set it.

Cell phone speaker


2. BNest Wooden Phone Speaker Desk Stand

The BNest Wooden Phone Speaker Desk Stand is made from a heavy-duty wooden block that requires no power to boost your phone’s volume. There is a hole through which you can feed your charging cable so your phone doesn’t run low on power while you use it. And, the natural, wood grain finish ties in with most any décor.

cell phone speaker


3. Glodeals Wooden Mobile Phone Bamboo Amplification Stand

Small, sleek, stylish…and it sounds great. The Glodeals Wooden Mobile Phone Bamboo Amplification Stand enhances the pleasure of listening to your music, while adding a touch of simple sophistication to your desk or nightstand. And because it’s made from bamboo, it’s extra durable, renewable and will last for years.

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