The $25 Aminy UFO Headset Will Solve Your Bluetooth Headset Woes

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Here at SPY, we’ve painstakingly reviewed the best premium Bluetooth headsets, noise-canceling headphones and wireless earbuds. And while we always prefer a quality product over a quick deal, we listen to our readers. And a lot of you aren’t looking for a $200 Bluetooth headset with active noise canceling and cushioned earpads. You want a cheap Bluetooth headset that’s good enough for working from home.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a quality Bluetooth headset for Zoom meetings, conference calls or online school. And you don’t have to be locked in your home office, work office or the classroom to get work done. For real, it’s 2020, and if you can’t work from anywhere you want, what’s the point?

That’s where the Aminy UFO comes in. The Aminy UFO Bluetooth headset is a budget solution to your Bluetooth audio problems that you can use basically anywhere.

Best of all, it only costs $25 via Amazon Prime. Less than $25, actually.

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This in-ear Bluetooth headset relieves you from annoying wires connecting to your laptop or mobile device, yet provides the seamless and dropout-free audio quality you’d expect from a wired headset. This is thanks to Bluetooth 5.0, which is the latest Bluetooth standard. Gamers, for instance, rely on Bluetooth 5.0 to create dropout free connections between their Bluetooth mouse and gaming keyboards when the stakes of competition are at their peak. Needless to say, you have pretty good assurance that your audio will stay connected.

So far the Aminy UFO headset has more than 6,500 reviews on Amazon from customers looking for the best cheap Bluetooth headset.

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We know that work doesn’t necessarily mean sitting in your home or work office. For many people, work and school mean getting stuff done in cars, trains, buses and planes, or working outside in the elements. Thankfully, the 3-point supported system keeps the Aminy UFO headset firmly in your ear for up to eight hours of talk time, without causing an annoying amount of ear fatigue.

Even if you work in the elements, the omni-directional mic picks up your voice clearly so the listener won’t miss a word. And if the weather starts to turn while you’re trying to get work done outside, the water and sweat-resistant design keeps water from penetrating and ruining your headset.

Basically, this is a smart budget solution to your work-from-home blues.

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aminy ufo Courtesy of Amazon

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