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Call Up Convenience With Pioneer’s Pocket-Sized Conference Speaker

* Plug and play
* Specially tuned to make everyone easy to hear
* Easy to take anywhere.

Let’s say you have an office that doesn’t possess one of those fancy conference call speakerphones. And let’s say you have an important conference call where you need to patch in a client or colleague but don’t want to just blast it through the room on your tinny phone speaker. Or say you’re not even at the office and you and your crew need to do an important conference call. Well the Pioneer Rayz Rally Portable Conference Speaker is your smart solution. It gives you the clarity of a pro-grade conference system in a pocket-sized speaker.

This is, by far, the easiest way to get a legit conference call quality experience anytime, anywhere. That’s because the built-in speaker and microphone are tuned to ensure that everyone can hear and be heard. And operating it is easy with its plug and play simplicity. One smart button handles everything.

It plugs right into your phone or device. The Pioneer Rally Rayz is lightning powered, so there are no batteries or charging required. It features an integrated charging port for talk and charge capabilities. And, it’s so small it carries effortlessly in your briefcase, purse, or even your pocket.

The Pioneer Rally Rayz is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Mac and PCs.

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