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Seeing Is Believing With This LCD Dash Cam For Your Car

* Powerful OV4689 CMOS sensor lets you see clear video night or day
* Automatically detects and records any signs of impact
* Records when people or items come within 33 feet of your car

This dash cam by Vantrue offers more features than you can shake a stick at. With 2K HD recording capability and a sturdy LCD lens, this little camera is able to pick up more than just the mouse scurrying down the street.

The 170-degree wide-angle lens makes it possible for the Vantrue to record both the front and sides of the car simultaneously, letting you capture more on screen. It even has night vision. With a robust OV4689 CMOS sensor, you’re able to see clearer video night or day.

A convenient Event Protection Mode automatically records and saves videos as soon as an impact is detected. With files saved in every folder of your camera’s drive, you’re guaranteed easy access. And with a powerful dust and heat-resistant display, it works wonders under virtually any circumstance.

Another great feature is the Parking Mode, which is automatically triggered when people or objects come within 33 feet of your car. And the Emergency Mode, which is also quite useful, will automatically record 30 seconds (10 seconds before and 20 seconds after) of video as soon as you tap the button.

A powerful rubber suction cup is included so you can display it to your windshield, while an extra long USB cable can easily be hidden under your dash. 


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