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See More, Do More With This Endoscopic Camera for Your Smartphone

* Tiny inspection camera syncs to your smartphone
* 1200P camera captures video at 30fps
* 11-foot cable included for extra convenience

It’s one of those things you’ve always wanted but never really realized you could get. It’s an endoscope camera, and it’s awesome. With a built-in camera and extra durable snake cable, you’ll be able to see behind the scenes like never before.

Unlike other wireless endoscopes, the Depstech is compatible with both Android 2.3+ and IOS 6.0+ smartphones and is able to support up to four different devices simultaneously. Syncing it to your phone is a breeze; simply connect to your local WiFi network, download the WIFI VIEW app and connect it to your phone for instant access.

Sporting new LED technology, this tiny camera features six adjustable blue lights on the camera tip as well as a powerful 1200P camera that lets you capture HD videos and images. Note that videos are automatically formatted as AVI and images are saved as JPG.

The Depstech also comes with a powerful second generation camera chip, which is able to capture video at an impressive 30fps. With three adjustable resolution formats, you can adjust the camera’s lighting based on the subject at hand.

With an impressive 11 and a half-foot cable, you’re able to easily hit all those hard-to-reach spots. Plus the camera itself is waterproof, so you’ll have no problem recording in wet or damp environments. With a highly bendable (yet extremely durable) cable, you can bend, hold and move your camera in any setting.

Use it to drop in on your pet’s cage or fish tank to get an up-close view. Or use it to check out hard-to-reach trouble spots, like under the car hood, behind a washing machine, or in your air filter (it’s also great when you’ve dropped something between a crack or under your car seats). The semi-rigid cable can bend and hold its shape to access a wide variety of normally-confined places, while the LED light lets you see everything clearly.

The Depstech WiFi Borescope Smartphone Inspection Camera has a 4.5 rating online from more than 1000 reviewers. It runs on one Lithium ion battery, sold separately.

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