This Photo Scanner is a Game Changer For Film Photographers

Kodak Scanza Film Scanner
Image courtesy of Kodak

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* Slide film to JPEG in seconds
* Easy to use with convenient design
* Also scans super 8 film as well

In one of the many ironies of our cultural age, film photography has come back into vogue, thanks in no small part to Instagram and the 35mm work of young photographers like Olivia Bee and Petra Collins. Now in certain quarters of the fashion photography world as well as in the fine art scene, where it long been so, shooting on actual film is once again a must for any “serious” aspiring photographer. And as most film photographers know, when it comes to accessibility and cost, film is something of a paradox. Sure, you can get a really nice 35 mm film camera, or even a medium format camera, for a fraction of the price you’d pay for a new digital full frame camera, but then there’s the cost of film itself and, if you don’t have a darkroom, the development costs and most of all scanning. As someone who has had to budget a 3-minute video on Super 8 and factored in the costs of conversion to digital can tell you, this can get surprisingly and irritatingly pricey. It even makes a lie of the supposedly low-fi and democratic nature of film photography.

Desktop digital slide film scanner kodak Image Courtesy of Amazon

But what helps enormously is having an affordable and decent-quality scanner. This desktop scanner is made by Kodak and lets you quickly digitize and share film photos as well as super 8 footage. The Scanza works on 35mm, 110 mm and 126 mm, super 8 and 8 mm negatives. Simple to use and reliable, it saves JPEGS onto an SD card and can also be connected via USB or HDMI to your computer or monitor for viewing. Best of all, it streamlines the odd process of turning analog photos into digital social media posts.


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