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Complete That TV Wall Art Look With $700 Savings Off the Samsung Frame TV

We all know that the Samsung Frame TV is a work of art, and just like some artwork, it’s an expensive piece of tech for your home if your budget is on the tighter side. Fear not, however, because this majestic-looking television is being discounted for the Discover Samsung event. You can get up to $700 in savings for a limited time by purchasing the Samsung Frame TV.

While the best savings are reserved for the 75-inch version, which nabs you that $700 max in savings, there are still some other discounts with the other models. For example, the smallest one in the lineup, the 32-incher, that’s discounted by $140 to put its final cost down to $459.99. In comparison, the 75-inch model will still cost $2,299.99 after the $700 savings are applied. As for the rest, you’re still going to be given discounts, but you really need to determine what’s the best size for your room.

The savings don’t end there because Samsung’s offering a 50% discount off one of its customizable bezels for the Samsung Frame TV. Normally $99.99, you’ll only be forking over $49.99 for one. It certainly completes the Samsung Frame TV’s look when it’s wall-mounted, just because you can set this smart TV to Art Mode, which transforms it to a digital picture frame on your wall worthy of looking like a piece of artwork.

It certainly is also a top-notch TV for any occasion, featuring an assortment of features that consists of support for various voice assistants, connectivity to your smart home, and the ability to function as a versatile workstation for working from home.

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