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Major Price Drop: Get a $3,500 Discount on the Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV

Goodbye, 4K resolution, you were great for a good while there, but now’s the time to prepare for what’s coming next. Give your home theater that future proof quality with the deal happening right now for the Samsung Neo QLED 8K during the Discover Samsung event. No, it’s not just another discount for a couple or a few hundred dollars off the prized television, but rather, we’re talking about thousands in savings. Specifically, Samsung is offering up to $3,500 off the Neo QLED 8K for a limited time.

You’ll get that maximum discount from the 85-inch TV model of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K, which retails normally for $8,999.99. During Discover Samsung, there will be an instant savings of $3,500.00 — bringing its total cost down to $5,499.99. In contrast, the smaller 65-inch TV version is given a $1,700.00 discount that brings its cost down to $3,299.99. And lastly, if you prefer something more in the middle, there’s a $2,500.00 savings with the 75-inch TV version of the Samsung Neo QLED 8K that brings it to $4,499.99.

There’s nothing more you need to do in order to snag these savings. Simply choose your model and the discount will be instantly applied, so there’s no need to buy anything else with the purchase. While it’s a fully equipped smart TV that undeniably stands out for its excellent image quality, which is thanks in part to the Quantum Mini LEDs it uses, you may want to consider pairing it with a suitable sound system to complete the home theater experience. Be sure to take a look at our round-up of the best soundbars available if you’re looking to upgrade your sound as well!

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