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Hide Your Hooch Prohibition Style With the SneakyBooks Recycled Book Safe

The old hip flask hidden in a book — it’s a classic. With the SneakyBooks Recycled Hollow Book, it’s yours. This clever way to hide your finest tipple fits seamlessly into any book collection without raising suspicion.

In addition, it is not your normal, newly produced purchase! Each book has been rescued from the shredder and given a second chance at life. While it can’t be read, it will not fail in it’s new job, namely, hiding your habit.

Each hollow book is a randomly chosen title from a stock of books, which were acquired when they were unsold at a second asking. Some were even deemed un-donatable.

The SneakyBooks Recycled Hollow Book really does provide a second opportunity to these otherwise laid to waste books. If you have a preference over the style and size of your purchase, it is possible to contact SneakyBooks and submit your preference.

With the 6 oz stainless steel flask also included in the deal, and delivered in prohibition-style paper, this hollowed out book makes a great gift for any keen drinker looking to keep it on the sly. It might even be a unique gift to conceal anything else that fits.

Handcrafted in Seattle, this eco-friendly product is sure to be well received. So help give unloved books a second chance and get your SneakyBooks Flask today!

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