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DISH Network Is Letting You Choose Your Own Bonus Deal

* Sign-up today to claim your free prize
* Get 190 channels for only $54.99
* Offer valid May 20 – July 1

If you’re thinking to cut cable and switch to DISH Network, now may the time. The company is offering new customers your choice of three great deals when you sign-up for new DISH service. From May 20 through July 1, new customers can select either a free TV mounting, a polk soundbar or new Bluetooth headphones. Combine this offer with DISH’s America’s Top 120 Plus package, which gives you 190 channels for only $54.99, and the decision becomes obvious.

For a limited time, you can choose your own bonus deal:

1. Free TV Mounting
Save yourself the hassle and have a professional mount your TV to the wall for free. Not only will it save space in your family room, but it will also maximize your viewing experience. A customized setting and mounting bracket are included in the $200 value. To claim the offer, use code MOUNT4753.

2. Polk Soundbar
Get the best DISH experience with the Polk Soundbar. High-quality sound makes watching your favorite movies and TV shows all the better, and for a $200 value, this offer is too good for any tech enthusiast to pass up. To claim the Polk Sound bar, use code DISHSOUND967 at checkout.

3. Bluetooth Headphones
If you already have a decked-out home entertainment center, step up your experience by using the DISH Anywhere mobile app with a sweet set of Bluetooth headphones. DISH Anywhere lets you watch DISH wherever you go, so long as there’s a WiFi connection. Or, use these headphones to catch up on your TV viewing at home, without disturbing your family or roommate. Get these $100 headphones for free when you use code BTOFFER852.

Sign up now and your DISH package price is guaranteed for two years. You’ll get free Cinemax, Showtime, Starz and DISH Movie Pack for three months, plus free HD for life.

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