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New Details, Pricing Emerge For Dyson Zone Air Purifier Headphones. It Still Looks Over The Top.

Officially introduced earlier this year, the Dyson Zone was one of the gadgets that came out of left field. Like really, no one expected for Dyson to enter the noise canceling headphones space, which is already a crowded place to be in. However, new details have emerged, including its final pricing and availability.

You’ve probably seen side-by-side images of it and Tom Hardy’s Bane from The Dark Knight Rises, but Dyson is all about explaining the practicality of wearing this $949 contraption when it goes on pre-order starting in March 2023. At first, we thought it was an obnoxious, over the top device that seemed to take face masks to the next level. But the more we read about the new details, the more we understood its practicality.

Not only could be a contender for the best air purifiers around, but also a best noise canceling headphones champ.

50-Hour Battery Life Doubles Its Rivals

One of the first new details to emerge was that the Dyson Zone’s battery life was rated for upwards of 50 hours. By comparison, its contemporaries like the Apple AirPods Max, Bose 700, and Sony WH1000-XM5 have battery lifes of 20, 20, and 40-hours respectively. If this figure is truly what users could achieve with real-world usage, then it’s an impressive achievement given it’s packing 40 mm neodymium speaker drivers that produce ultra-low distortion.

Although, using it in combination with its air purification system drops it down to 4 hours. That’s undeniably short, but should be enough for short trips to and from the gym. It does require three hours to fully charge. 

For audiophiles, Dyson is able to enhance the performance of its noise-canceling headphones by offering a unique EQ setting so that audio is tuned to your preference. But of course, we’re most eager to see how its noise-cancelation actually holds up.

Eight Microphones Power Its Noise Cancelation

We now know that the Dyson Zone contains 11 microphones, but only eight of them are used with its ANC system to monitor the ambient noise around you at 385,000 times a second. 

Advanced noise canceling: 11 microphones feature within the product. The Dyson Zone ANC system uses eight microphones which monitor surrounding noise 384,000 times a second — with up to 38 dB of noise cancellation. Naturally, it’ll be interesting to see how its ANC stacks up against the competition.

It’s Meant To Address A WorldWide Problem

Dyson is one of the foremost leaders in air filtration technology. From its cordless vacuums, to UV-zapping air purifiers, the company has been perfecting the art of filtering the air around us. We know for sure because we’ve tested the best air purifiers around and Dyson’s technology and features are top notch. And the Dyson Zone is no exception because it was created to solve the problem of air pollution all around us.

Your noise and mouth are covered by the detachable visor (meaning you can just use them like a normal pair of headphones, but it’s the electrostatic filters in it that help to capture 99% of particle pollution as tiny as 0.1 microns, which is almost hard to believe because its top-rated Dyson Pure Humidify+Cool tops out 0.3 microns.

Given how indoor and outdoor air quality can adversely impact air, we can understand how a device like this could be useful for those who are more sensitive — or simply want to breathe clean air.

The Dyson Zone is one of the company’s most ambitious projects in recent memory. Pre-orders will open up in March 2023 by appointment only, which will then be followed by in-store and online availability for $949.