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Amazon Echo Look: Meet Your New Personal Style Assistant

* Hands-free camera and personal style assistant
* Now Alexa can help you look your best everyday
* Takes full-length photos and 360-degree view of your outfit

In need of styling tips, but can’t afford a personal stylist? Amazon has you covered. The Echo Look was once exclusively available by invitation only, but now multi-functional savvy style assistant can help you save time and frustration by picking outfits for you. The

connects to Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, which means it has the same capabilities as other Echo products. So yes, you can ask it to read the news, play music, get weather updates and so on. It’s also equipped with a 360 degree hands-free camera which allows you take photos of your outfits without the need of a tripod. The camera is even designed to blur out of the background of your photos, so it’s great for those days when your room is a mess. This device would also be an excellent investment for those who sell clothing online.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

Here’s how it works:


takes full-length photos of your outfits with just your voice. It includes a built-in LED lighting and depth-sensing camera so your photos (and outfits) come up Instagram-ready. You can also have Alexa take 6-second videos so you can get a live view of yourself from every angle.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

A few other cool features you should know about:

Style Check

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With this feature, you can get a second opinion on your outfit from fashion specialists thanks to its advanced learning algorithms. Simply submit two photos and find out why your outfit was selected with feedback based on fit, color, styling, and current trends. Over time, decisions get smarter through feedback and input from the team of Amazon’s fashion specialists.

Curate Your Closet

The more you use Echo Look, the smarter your Collections become. You can create custom Collections by grouping your clothing by color, occasion, season, weather and more so you can plan ahead for work, play and everything in between and always look your best.

Get Personalized Style Suggestions

Need some style inspiration? Echo Look can recommend pieces to pair with items you already own. Share your photos with Amazon fashion specialists to start receiving personalized style suggestions. The more photos you take, the more recommendations Echo Look will provide.