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First Look: Epson’s New Hybrid Projector Releases Totally Nail the “Work Hard, Play Harder” Theme

Epson has just fired the first shot in what should prove to be a super-competitive holiday shopping season with four new projector releases, ranging from an elite-level ultra short-throw model to two portable “crossover” units that embrace the company’s goal of capturing the best of work and play in the same device.

We’ve just gotten the green light from Epson to unveil these awesome new units, as they are now available to the public. The work-from-home crew is going to appreciate the power and ease-of-setup Epson is bringing with these new releases, and gamers and sports fans are going to be blown away.

This summer, SPY has been hard at work testing the best projectors, from cutting-edge short-throw projectors to mini portable projectors. Epson makes some of the best projectors in any category, and we’re excited to finally be able to share the news about their 2022 lineup (which is arriving just in time for Christmas shopping, just sayin’).

So what’s new from Epson? Check out the new releases for yourselves below.


EpiqVision Ultra LS800 4K Projector

The new ultra-short-throw LS800 is a marked upgrade on the LS500 model, increasing the max screen size from 130 inches to 150, while narrowing the unit itself to 13.4 inches for an easier fit on a shelf or console. And you can push that console snug to the wall for this ultra short-throw unit, which only needs 3.9 inches of space from the wall to deliver a 100-inch screen — the 0.16 throw ratio is one of the smallest on the market.

Epson has the sports fan squarely in its sights with this new release. They provided the previous LS500 model to the basketball programs at Iowa, Arkansas, and Baylor, setting them up in the locker rooms, staff rooms, and even the coaches’ homes. The feedback from the basketball programs was fed back to their engineers, and the improvements are reflected in the LS800, which is designed to make you feel like you have courtside seats.

Epson collaborated with Yamaha on the 2.1-channel virtual surround sound system, making the sound as big and beautiful as the 4000-lumens, HDR10-supported, 4K image created by the three-laser engine. And even with the increased visual and audio firepower, the LS800 runs at a whisper-quiet 32 decibels, 4 fewer than the LS500.

Gamers, eSports fans, and Twitch/YouTube/Beam social-gaming fans alike will appreciate the sub-30ms lag time generated by the dedicated HDMI3 Game Port

While the unit isn’t built for portability, Epson has made setup a snap with its new setting-assistant app for iOS and Google Play. You take a picture of the wall or screen you are preparing to project onto, and the app syncs with the projector in 30 seconds to create the ideal settings. You can store multiple rooms in the app, so moving the unit between rooms is now made quick and easy.


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Courtesy of Epson

Epson Home Cinema 2350 4K PRO-UHD Smart Gaming Projector

Sure, you can use the Epson Home Cinema 2350 for work. It’ll certainly give any work presentation or Zoom meeting better sound and vision than it probably deserves. But as the name says, this projector is a gamer’s dream come true.

The HC2350 has the same 3-chip 3LCD brain as the EpiqVision Ultra LS800, with a super-bright 2800 lumens of projection power that allows you to game or stream even during daytime hours. The 120Hz refresh rate and sub-20ms lag time are what makes the HC2350 a true gaming powerhouse, whether you’re casually playing for fun or deep into the competitive scene. This unit can handle 120 FPS games smoothly, and the built-in 10W bass-reflex speaker plus support for external Bluetooth speakers gives you powerful sound.

The HC2350 is small and portable enough for multi-room use, aided by the +/- 60% vertical lens shift which gives you unparalleled flexibility in finding a shelf or bookcase to project from, or even ceiling installation. And if you’re more of a streamer than a gamer, the HC2350 has built-in Android TV for easy access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.



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Courtesy of Epson


EpiqVision Flex CO-FH02 and CO-W01

Epson’s work/play crossover concept is best embodied by the EpiqVision Flex models, the CO-FH02 and CO-W01. Both units are small and easily portable, designed for optimal office or work-from-home performance and killer entertainment and gaming ability once you’re off the clock.

Each unit brings 3000 lumens of bright, crystal-clear imagery and best-in-class color brightness. The CO-FH02 has built-in Android TV for max streaming capability, while the entry-level W01 has HDMI ports for streaming sticks, gaming consoles, or anything else you want to project from. Both units can easily connect to your laptop for Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings during the day, and easily switch over to your PlayStation or Roku Streaming Stick for play and entertainment.

The CO-W01’s modest $429.99 price tag is going to make it a serious player come holiday shopping season, and the $200 upgrade to the CO-FH02 for wireless streaming is also a solid buy.

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Courtesy of Epson