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Daily Deal: These Bluetooth Headphones Are 80% Off

* Foldable design makes for easy storage
* Superior soound with connectivity over 30 feet
* Was: $79.99 | Now: $15.99

Enjoy superior sound, hands free calling and compact storage with the Esonstyle Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones. Outfitted with Bluetooth V3.0 + EDR Technology, they boast a transimission distance of 32 feet. High speed connectivity makes taking calls a breeze: Hi-Fi stereo surround sound ensures you can hear clearly, while the built-in microphone means you’ll always get your point across.

The foldable design makes these over-ear headphones ideal for commuters and travellers. They collapse to fit nicely in your purse, gym bag or carryon luggage. What’s more, the adjustable headband means your listening experience won’t be ruined by the squeeze. Cushioned leather ear pads further ensure comfort while you listen on long flights or all day at your desk.

The Esonstyle Headphones also feature a 3.5mm plug that’s compatible with MP3/MP4, PC, PCD, DVD and most smartphones. Easy controls let you play, pause and skip songs, as well as control call functions — all without touching your phone. You can keep the phone stashed safely in your bag on the morning train to keep from losing it.

Originally priced at $79.99, Amazon is offering these headphones for 80% off until this afternoon. Scoop them up now for the bargain price of $15.99.

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