4 Affordable Tech Essentials For Aspiring Vloggers (Besides Your Camera)

Teech essentials for vloggers
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* Tools to inspire and help you get your vlog going
* Microphones to video rigs for both amateurs and pros
* Great for making travel footage on the go as well

Getting ready to start your own vlog? Whether you’re inspired by Youtube channels featuring hilarious reviews of clothing purchased on various apps, or have one of those inspiring “personal transformation stories,” that have become so popular lately in this, our perpetually discontented “best of all possible” worlds, or want to share your daily life experience in traditional “vlog” style, here are some of the quickest and most affordable ways to up your quality of content without a huge investment.

3 years
thx...i want some of these...and calling them things tribbles is better than calling them dead cats...lol

While we can’t guarantee an instant flock of new subscribers on your growing channel, these essential tech tools will help you get started on your vlogging journey.

3 years
thx…i want some of these…and calling them things tribbles is better than calling them dead cats…lol

1. Smartphone Compatible Lavalier Mic

This handy clip-on microphone works with most modern smartphones and lets you grab clear audio from a lapel clip. It’s great for doing interviews and field work.

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2. Lavalier Mic Wind Screen

Don’t let the pictures fool you: these aren’t Tribbles from Star Trek. No, they’re wind blockers for clip-on lapel microphones to give your videos the utmost sound quality, so that even if you are a vlog beginner, you won’t seem like one to your viewers. A must for getting clear audio outdoors and sounding way more professional.

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3. DSLR Shoulder Mount

This shoulder mount rig lets you mount your DSLR or mirror less full frame camera along with all the necessary “run and gun” videography essentials like a focus puller, matte box, eyecup and microphone. It’s counterweighted for stability as well. A useful hack with this particular rig is that if you have a camera like a Sony A7-series or one of the Canon 5D models, it’s light enough that you can mount either a shotgun-style mic or a video light on top using the hot shoe.

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4. Smartphone Stabilizer

This compact stabilizer rig lets you make the most of your smartphone’s existing video capabilities. Best of all, it’s super easy to carry, very low key and lets you get surprisingly professional results thanks to the protected mini mic and big LED light.

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