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No More Misplacing – Tile Takes Away The Frustration Of Lost Items

Are you the sort the person who’s always late because you can’t find your keys? Are you chronically losing your phone? Stress no more. Tile has your back. It’s a Bluetooth tracker with a 100 foot range. You attach it to personal items in order to find them in a flash.

Tile Mate

Tile Mate is designed for your keys, luggage, and gym bag. It slides right onto your keychain. All you have to do to find your keys is open the app on your phone. Then press the alert button. Tile starts beeping so that you can find the attached belonging.

If you lose your phone, you obviously can’t access the app. In that case, Tile works in reverse. Just press the button on your Tile to make your phone start beeping. It works, even if your phone is on silent. Now, if you’ve lost both your phone and your keys, you probably need more help than Tile can provide.

Tile Slim

Tile Slim has the same thickness as two credit cards. It fits easily into your wallet and other slim things, like a passport. If someone picks your pocket and gets beyond the 100 foot range, you obviously can’t use the app to set off an alert. Your stuff’s still not gone forever.

The next time your Tile comes within range of someone else with the app on their phone, you get an alert to let you know the most recent location. One person was actually able to find her stolen bicycle because the thief – also a Tile user – unwittingly revealed the location.

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