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An Ingenious Accessory That Takes Your Fitbit From Sporty to Chic

* Transforms the look of your activity tracker
* Available in silver or 22 kt-plated gold
* Compatible with Fitbit Flex 2

Chic and activity tracker aren’t often two ideas found in the same sentence, but Fitbit has once again made the impossible possible with their — yes, chic — pendant necklace. While there are still Fitbit accessories gym-ready in all their sleek, sporty glory, this necklace transforms the ubiquitous activity tracker from fitness must-have, to a go-anywhere lifestyle necessity.

Fitbit Necklace

Created to house the Fitbit Flex 2, an ultra-thin, removable tracker, this necklace features a beautiful caged pendant, not unlike an angular art-deco piece. Pop in your Flex 2, loop it through a geometric fastening hung from a thin chain and it’s ready to wear in a way that’s all your own. Its understated quality makes it so versatile it’s hard to think of a situation where you’d have to be without your trusty activity tracker. Chose from stainless steel silver or 22 kt-plated gold, or get both to seamlessly integrate into your wardrobe.

The caged design allows for the activity tracker’s color-coded LED lights to show through, keeping you connected to calls, texts and reminders to move, along with the sleep and exercise tracking features that made it so popular in the first place. At the intersection of fashion and fitness, this Fitbit necklace is ready to go wherever life takes you.

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