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You’ll Feel Like a Jedi Master With This Bluetooth Speaker

* Floating orb speaker creates relaxing, music-filled atmosphere
* Built-in Bluetooth speaker connects to enabled smartphone and tablet devices
* Can also be used as a portable speaker without the base

Introduce a little extra harmony into your yoga and meditation sessions with this Bluetooth speaker. Featuring a levitating element which emits a calming warm glow, you’ll find it easier than ever to transform your space and fall into a state of meditative bliss. Or, turn up the tunes at your next party and really impress guests with this space age design.

Building on the success of the original orb, the ICE Orb Harmony introduces a new pod shaped floating design with an easy-to-grasp, soft cushion top. It can also light up to produce a golden glow while playing your choice of accompanying music. The speaker itself floats 10mm above the magnetic base.

The Bluetooth speaker can connect wirelessly to any of your enabled tablets or smartphone devices, and it charges using the micro USB port within the orb.

In addition, you’ll be able to control the mood by adjusting the brightness of the light using the button on the underside of the egg speaker. This allows you to choose between full or 50%.

Furthermore, for those who often find themselves on the go, the ICE Orb can also become a portable Bluetooth speaker, which works just like any non-levitating Bluetooth device without its base, thus providing you the freedom to take your music with you wherever you go.

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