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Since Hindsight Is Already 20/20, the Frizione Car Dash Cam Looks Ahead, Too

* Front and rear cameras
* Emergency mode and parking mode
* Wide field of view with high dynamic range

This Frizione car dash cam features front and rear-facing cameras, an acceleration sensor and multiple modes including loop recording, emergency mode and parking mode. One of the more versatile dash cams on the market, it works as an integrated system with a weatherproof rear camera you can mount outside the vehicle near the rear license plate bracket, or below the trunk lid — near your car’s existing backup camera — if it has one.

The Frizione car dash cam is more than an extra set of eyes to keep your car (and your driving record) safe from insurance fraud and avoid the hassle of hit-and-run accidents; it also features loop recording and an emergency mode that can automatically be engaged when the dash cam’s built in G-sensor detects a sudden deceleration or impact.

This dash cam automatically saves and locks video files taken in emergency mode or parking mode. With its useful WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) processing, the Frizione dash cam captures clearer and more aesthetically pleasing footage.

WDR helps the ultra wide angle cameras of the Frizione car dash cam system capture bright daylight footage without losing detail in the highlights or shadows. It also boosts visibility in low light conditions, letting the Frizione dash cam retain its usefulness at night.

Especially noticeable on the Frizione’s 1080P resolution front camera, the WDR processing allows plenty of detail capture with minimal noise. The included 2.45-inch HD screen is clear and sharp. Unlike the backup camera screens built into many cars, it is bright enough to be easily seen in daylight.

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