Review: It Wasn’t Raining, So We Tested the Furrion Outdoor TV With a Garden Hose

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Once you install a Furrion Outdoor Television, you have to face that moment of truth — do you actually trust your new flat-screen TV in the rain?

Yes, the Furrion arrives with a weatherproof “IP54” housing designed to lock the TV up safely away from the elements — keeping its electronic guts free of rain, snow, sun, dust, wind and humidity. Even the control panels on the TV itself are weather shielded. It’s as though the designers and engineers at Furrion are telling you, “Trust us. It’s fine. This thing can set out in a squall and come out just fine. Get it wet. Send a dust devil its way. You’ll still be watching the same TV tomorrow.”

Even if you know all of that intellectually, your gut will still tell you that it would be insane to leave your fancy new TV outside in the rain.

Still, sooner or later, you need to stand there and watch rain hit the Furrion dead on, whether it’s a drizzle or a full-on storm. For our review purposes, we couldn’t wait for a shower, so we turned to the sprinkle function on a garden hose mid-episode of Rick & Morty. The Furrion took a direct hit from the gardening implement and didn’t flicker, cough, buzz or “fzzt.” leaving us to sigh our relief and switch over to Archer. (We were in an animation mood.)

Furrion outdoor tv review Furrion


What We Liked about the Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV

Here at SPY, we love our TVs. From the finest 65-inch flatscreens to new OLED TVs, we’re always on the lookout for the latest in TV technology. In recent years, two trends in particular have us excited — the thinnest TVs and the best outdoor TVs. Furrion is one of the best-known brands in the latter category, so we were excited to test out the weatherproofing and quality for ourselves.

First of all, the Furrion Aurora Outdoor Television is surprisingly affordable, considering its build quality. The entry-level full-shade 43-inch Furrion Aurora is priced at $1,399.99, far less than other outdoor TV brands (you can save $100 by buying the 2019 model of the Furrion Aurora, but the 2021 version offers superior brightness). The Furrion Aurora is available in both full shade and partial sun models and in sizes ranging from 43-inches to 65-inches. For this review, I tested the the Furrion Aurora Full Shade Series 43-Inch Outdoor Television.

The Furrion Aurora provides one essential feature — a strong, clear image. The screen is 4K ultra-HD, 400-nit brightness and anti-glare. Even on a bright day, the picture quality is excellent. 

Furrion outdoor tv review Furrion


Most Unique Feature: Climate-Proofed

Obviously, any manufacturer of outdoor TVs must waterproof their products. When most people hear “outdoor television,” the imagination jumps to images of torrential downpours sending showers of sparks from a lonely, exposed TV. The only way you’re going to see such a scene on a Furrion TV is if you’re watching an episode of The Bachelorette: Wet TV Island. Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor surf is getting inside the guts of the Furrion Aurora 43-Inch Outdoor Television.

However, cold and wet is not the only weather the Furrion has to fight off on duty. Devices like the Aurora 43-Inch Outdoor Television I tested also have to fend off direct sunlight and extreme outdoor heat. The TV includes four built-in fans to vent and cool internal compartments.

Furrion outdoor tv review Furrion


What We Didn’t Like about the Furrion Aurora 43-Inch Outdoor Television

This TV is heavy. All of that armoring against the elements and extra venting comes with a weight penalty. That means the buyer must make sure the Furrion Aurora Outdoor Television (or any Furrion TV) is mounted or set up with extra care and engineering. It might be advisable for some buyers to hire professionals to install the Furrion — adding some additional cost consideration.


The Verdict: Solid and Surprisingly Affordable

Whether you’re looking for an outdoor television for full sun use or shaded environments, Furrion makes a reliable television to fit in a variety of screen sizes. The Furrion Aurora Outdoor Television offered a clear, fully visible screen during our tests. Meanwhile, outdoor televisions from some manufacturers will cost you into the mid-four figures. Furrion keeps the world of outdoor TV more affordable.

Furrion outdoor tv review Furrion


Where To Buy the Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV

There are two version of the Furrion Aurora Outdoor TV, the 2021 model and the 2019 model. The 2019 model is slightly cheaper but has 350-nit brightness compared to 400-nit in the 2021 model. On balance, we recommend the newer version, but in our testing the 2019 model works extremely well. You really can’t go wrong either way.

All sizes and models of the Furrion Aurrora are available on the Furrion website. You can also find some models available via Amazon, which has limited supply of certain sizes. In addition, you can find the Furrion Aurora for sale at various electronics retailers such as Walmart and B&H Photo Video.

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