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Take Your Gaming on the Go With This GAEMS Traveling Case

If you’ve ever wished there was a way to take your games console with you wherever you go… your dreams have been answered.

The Black Edition Vanguard is a first-in-class personal gaming environment (PGE). Providing a built-in HD screen and enough space for your favorite games console, this large rugged suitcase provides a safe and easy way to take your beloved entertainment machine with you anywhere. Compatible with Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3 Slim, the GAEMS environment requiring only two plug outlets to function.

Whether it’s a weekend away at Grandma’s or a boring business trip out of town, this rugged console protector allows you to be in control of your own entertainment no matter where you find yourself.

With its built-in, 19-inch HD 720p LED display, you’ll be able to enjoy everything from games to DVDs and a variety of streaming media. The screen also features two high-quality output stereo speakers, two 3.5mm headphone jacks and controls for volume and brightness.

Also included are two storage bags for your console accessories, a remote control for the screen and a shoulder strap to make transporting more comfortable.

The sturdy black case is built to last. It ensures that both your console and screen remain safe throughout any journey. It also features a removable center badge to promote future personal customization.

Ideal for family fun nights or weekends away with friends, the Black Edition Vanguard GAEMS Personal Gaming Environment allows you to take the game with you everywhere you go.

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