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Get Roku Premiere Free From DIRECTV

* Roku Premiere streams HD and 4K UHD
* Get 120+ channels – something for everyone
* Unlimited entertainment at home and on-the-go

Are you ready for tons of entertainment? If so, now you can get a free Roku Premiere when you prepay for 2 months of DIRECTV. That’s a 1-2 power punch of viewing pleasure.

Here’s the scoop on the Roku Premiere – it’s one of the top media players available today. It has a fast quad-core processor that serves up HD and 4K UHD streaming for crystal clear picture that’s four times the resolution of ordinary 1080p HD. You’ll be mesmerized by all of the crisp, brilliant, life-like details — especially good when watching movies and sports.

The Roku is your ticket to more than 450,000 movies, plus 450+ paid or free streaming channels, including Netflix and Hulu. It also comes with a handy mobile app so you can voice search for programming.

Add to that DIRECTV’s 120+ live channels and you’re not going to miss anything that comes over the airwaves. You’ll be able to catch sports, breaking news, and the most talked about shows. Even better, you can stream DIRECTV on your TV, phone, or tablet. You’re never without something to watch. If this is just the sort of abundant entertainment that’s been missing from your life, now is a good time to get it. The Roku Premiere typically goes for $70.

Not sure if DIRECTV is for you? You can also try it out for free with this 7-day free trial.

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