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Going to a Music Festival? Bring These Wired Cat Ear Headphones With Speakers and Lights!

You’re sure to be the talk of the party with these light up Cat Ear Headphones with built-in speakers.

Not only can you jam out to your own beats, you can also share with your friends thanks to the built-in external cat ear speakers. When you need to switch from in-ear listening to a mobile sound studio, simply flip the switch and watch as your surrounding listeners can’t help but get down to your party-rocking beats.

These original feline headphones feature inline volume controls and forward/back buttons giving you full control over your music listening experience.

If the headset wasn’t already eye catching enough, Brookstone has created independently controlled LED accent lights within the ears to make sure you remain the focus of every event.

Ideal for on-the-go use, the USB rechargeable earphones offer up to 5 hours of audio enjoyment from one full charge.

Available in four eye-catching colors, the Car Ear Headphones also posses a detachable boom mic, giving this device the power to change from being a unique set of headphones to the coolest gamer headset you’ll find.

The over-the-ear cushioning aids with noise reduction and also makes sure that your headphones fit comfortably.

Not only do they sound great, these stylish headphones take fashion to a whole new level – and pop sensation Ariana Grande agrees. So much so that she has designed her very own limited edition wireless version of the cat ear headphones.

In addition, these feline fashion pieces have also taken the cosplay and anime world by storm. Whether you love partying with your friends or just getting down to your own beats, no one will be able to resist the music when the Cat Ear Headphones start playing.

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