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Swing Like a Pro With New Golf App for iPhone and Android

* Winner of 2016 Golf Digest Editor’s Choice Award
* GPS-enabled tags attach to each club, giving state of the art feedback

* Real-time swing analysis right on your iPhone or Android

Developing one’s golf swing is an issue of practice, skill and patience. Hour upon hour is often willingly sacrificed at driving ranges across the nation. What is the one thing missing from these hours? Real-time assessment of that swing. That has now changed with the new Game Golf Live Tracking System. This award-winning GPS system gives golfers real-time feedback of each and every swing taken on the course, driving range and putting green.

The Game Golf Live Tracking System is a wearable GPS tracking system which unobtrusively attaches to the belt. The system syncs with simple, feather-light attachable tags that are placed on the head of each golf club when it’s about to be used. The system syncs with the tag and is able to give real-time feedback on your swing via an iPhone or Android app. Never before has there been such a robust system to help golfers receive quantifiable, scientific feedback on their golf swing.  

In addition to this quantifiable data, the Game Golf Live Tracking System also has a range finder feature which allows you to assess each and every single shot made as you make your way from tee to hole. The GPS will help you plot your way around the course and later assess the accuracy of each shot. With such feedback, your game will improve in no time.   

The best news about the Game Golf Live Tracking System? It is approved for use in tournaments, according to the Rules of Golf by the R&A and USGA (when used without the App). You can wear the GPS system throughout your tournament and then assess all of your results afterward with the app. Perhaps you find yourself in between tournaments, but still looking for a challenge. The app also includes a social function by which you can challenge friends and others across the nation.

Winner of Golf Digest’s Editor’s Choice Award for “Best Game Analyzer,” take a look at the Game Golf Live Tracking System and start swinging those clubs like a pro.

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